EPISODE 11: Painful Transition

This episode we talk about the death of Select Archery as a retail store and the issues as we see them in the archery and outdoors industries.  This is a bit of a painful episode but we promise to get back to having fun in our next recording.  I hope we answer any questions that fans of the show and the shop might have had about what exactly happened.

Darrell Stiennen Written by:


  1. Damien Pitman
    December 27, 2019

    There is no better Now guy than Darrell Stiennen. This guy always had time for my kid and myself. It’s so sad that Select Archery had to close it’s doors. I hope the best for Darrell and his new adventures. Thanks again!!

  2. Joey bergman
    December 27, 2019

    All I can say To Darrell at this Point in time is good luck with the new shop and every day life as well. You are one h*** of a Guy that will go out on the limb with his Ability to give you the best service a guy can give someone. I met Darrell I while back by buying in a goofy little bow made by Gear head which iam sure that’s how he will always remember me by. Me being the person who I am that I like to be different I had found this bow used at his shop drove over an hour to look at it and physically meet The man that help me set it up and from there on supplied me with my bow hunting needs. I could never be any happier with the service And Now ..Lol seasonal long distance Facebook friend that Which I would in a heart beat drive down to his New garage shop For any of my archery Or Future service needs With out a doubt. Thanks for everything again Darrell

  3. Select #1
    December 28, 2019

    Leave it to Illinois to mess a good buisness up!

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