Episode 14 – “Run and Gun Archery for Longbeards” with Zack Bowling of Boonetown Seed Co. and Cabela’s Hunting Channel

Zack is the owner of Boonetown Seed Co., and an outdoorsman for Cabela’s Hunting Channel on YouTube. Darrell and Matt talk turkey hunting strategies with Zack amongst many things. Learn how Zack has successfully applied his knowledge of longbeards to accomplish 6 grand slams. Oh by the way… He has completed several of these slams using “Run and Gun” techniques with his bow while self-filming. We dive into hunting strategies, self-filming tactics, gear, food plots and land management.



Find more about Zack at the following websites:

Boonetown Seed Co.: www.boonetownseed.com

Cabela’s Hunting Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqercaoTnnvrKsotd0gnlw



Darrell Stiennen Written by:

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