EPISODE 8: Jared Duquette, Ph.D.

IDNR Biologist – Jared Duquette updates our listeners on EHD and CWD.  We discuss why this is happening, and the unfortunate affects these diseases can have on the whitetail deer herd population.  We also ask Jared for his opinion on some of the supposed solutions to CWD that you can find on the Internet. Are they real solutions?


We also discuss the R3 program, and why it’s so important to the future for outdoorsman. Where does our money go, and what is the Pittman-Robertson Act? https://www.mdwfp.com/conservation/who-pays-for-it/pittman-robertson-act.aspx


Bonus – Oh yeah,  we have a cool conversation about Cats and Jared’s past research on Jaguars and mountain lions.http://jaredfduquette.weebly.com/

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